No matter what type of products you sell online, you need to drive traffic to your eCommerce site and convert this traffic into sales. There are two ways to do that. One is the paid method where you pay for ads, which users click to be taken to your site. The other one is the organic method that directs traffic to your site without paying for advertisements. Below are ways to increase visits to your eCommerce organically.

Improve your SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is optimizing your site to reach the first page on the search results. Many users find the products they need or a site by using search engines, and the most popular is Google. They type the keywords on the search field, and the search engine gives the result based on various factors, including the relevance of the site’s content. Use a keyword tool to find the best keywords for your site, and use them in your content, title, and description. 

Create high-quality content

It’s not enough to use the keywords in your site, but the content itself should be relevant and helpful. Stuffing your posts with keywords, even if it doesn’t make sense or the quality of the writing is poor, will not help you reach the top rank on the search result. Search engines are smarter and they are now made to think like real humans. They can detect the relevance of the content. If your content is not useful for the users, you will fail to make it on the first page of the search result. So, keep your audience in mind, and make sure that they find your content useful. An eCommerce marketing company can help you create excellent content that will help you rank on search engines and be an authority in your field. 

Use social media

Billions of users all over the world use various social media platforms and actively log in each day. You can use these sites as extensions to your eCommerce. Create social media accounts on popular social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Build your profile, and be sure to include a link to your eCommerce site, so users can click that and go to your site. Post regularly on these sites, and connect with your target audience. Answer their questions and engage in conversations to build a relationship with them. When they feel connected, they are more likely to do business with you. If your company is based in Tucson, a digital marketing Tucson agency can help manage your social media marketing to make it successful.

Enhance e-mail marketing

According to studies, customers are more welcoming to marketing via e-mail. If you don’t send e-mail marketing, it’s time that you start, or if you do, be sure to do it right. Offer discounts or valuable content in exchange for the e-mail of the users. Your e-mail marketing should spark the recipients’ interest, such as special deals or links to products they may be interested in.

In summary

Combine these organic ways of increasing traffic to your website with paid ads, and you will have a better chance of increasing your conversion rate. Of course, it still boils down to the quality of your products in the end. Be sure that clients are satisfied to get repeat purchases and to get excellent reviews.

How to Increase Website Visits on Your Ecommerce Organically