A flawless self preservation thing that is famous among school young ladies is the kubaton keychain safeguard weapon.

The kubaton keychain protection weapon is a straightforward thing. It comprises of a vital ring and a 5″ metal stick to which the key ring is connected.

It is an exceptionally straightforward device and isn’t so dubious as conveying a switchblade blade or a firearm. You can connect your family keys to the key ring. At the point when the opportunity arrives, you can hold the kubaton so as to use a wounding movement toward your assailant with the butt end of the stick or the keys end of the metal bar.

The keys end would do somewhat more harm on the grounds that as the keys connect with the assailant’s skin, the keys will go about as quick cutting edges to lash away at your aggressor’s skin.

The butt end of the apparatus is as viable as well. The butt end can be level or pointed and be utilized to strike the aggressor’s hard prominences like his sanctuary, nose, jaw, temple, teeth, or delicate regions like the eyes, stomach, crotch or thigh. A culprit would not expect that you have more capacity to your punches custom keychains on the grounds that the kubaton keychain fits pleasantly into your hand and is effectively concealable.

A safeguard method with the assistance of the kubaton keychain can assist with purchasing the casualty sufficient opportunity to flee and call for help. A thing like this is exceptionally simple to learn and viable to use against any assailant.

The kubaton arrives in a level or pointed butt end and is accessible in four tones: dark, silver, blue, or red.

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