Playing online games at the office is an excellent way to increase teamwork and boost morale, and there are many games available for the entire office to try. These games include Call of Duty (COD), Master of Wizardry Things, Pictionary, and even Backward Charades.

Call of Duty: COD

Playing poker online games in the office is an excellent way to build teamwork and collaboration. Multiplayer online games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and others can be played with coworkers or against each other. Many games include voice chat, and there are also game-specific communication applications like Discord. For a more social experience, try a team-based version of Truth or Dare.


Online games can be a great way to build teamwork. You can use games like Pictionary or a virtual escape room to bring your team closer together. Team games like these can help foster positive interactions and bring together employees who work from different locations.

Time Machine Trivia

Virtual games like Time Machine Trivia are an excellent way to build team spirit at work. This trivia game takes participants on a trip through pop culture history from the 1960s to the 21st century. It also promotes friendly competition and fun in a flexible workplace. It is a great activity to play with colleagues in the break room.

Backward Charades

When you want to play a game with your coworkers but don’t want to interrupt the flow of work, Backward Charades can be just the ticket. This game combines elements of classic games such as Taboo and Who’s Most Likely to… but changes the rules by allowing you to act out the words and actions of other people. You will have to work with other people to come up with the correct answer to the questions they’re asked.

Water Cooler Trivia

Whether you’re looking to boost employee engagement or improve cross-team communication, Water Cooler Trivia is a great tool. Its trivia quizzes are written by industry experts and are available weekly or by category. It also offers automated distribution and grading so there’s no need for a team leader to manage it. Water Cooler Trivia is perfect for office-based teams that want to build culture and get everyone talking.


If you’re bored at work and are looking for a way to pass the time, consider playing Colonist. This online game lets you take on the role of a colonist and build a settlement. You will collect resources and earn points as you grow your settlement.

This game doesn’t require any downloads, and it’s easy to play online with friends.

Playing Online Games at the Office