Adass Polow – Rice with Lentils

Adass in persian approach lentils. My youngsters love this dish and it’s very clean to make. It takes simply beneath half of an hour to put together. It is normally accompanied with minced meat which may be prepared in advance and kept inside the freezer.


1. Three Cups of white lengthy grain rice.
2. Four desk spoons of cooking oil.
Three. Salt as per flavor.
Four. Water – as directed
five. One cup of lentils soaked for approximately 1/2 an hour.
6. A zone kg of minced meat.


I usually soak the rice for as a minimum half an hour (if it’s new rice) or for 1 hour (if it is old rice) in warm water and some salt earlier than cooking.
Put the drained lentils in a pot, add sufficient water, about an inch above the level of the lentils and boil with high warmness with turmeric, salt and a dash of pepper till simply cooked.
To the boiling lentils, add the rice along side three table spoons of oil.
If the water is less, you may add simply a chunk more hot buy saffron online  water so that it covers the rice by way of about 2 cms. Let the rice boil for some time and keep stirring sometimes till the water evaporates.
Sprinkle some oil at the rice and cover the pot and hold on a low flame.
The rice could be ready in about 15 mins.
To put together the minced meat:

Take one finely chopped onion and fry it in oil with 1 finely minced garlic flake. When it turns a golden brown, add the minced meat to it and stir fry. After the frying is performed, add some tomatopuree to it (approximately 3 table spoons) and stir fry once more until cooked. You can keep adding a little hot water to it until it’s miles absolutely cooked. The minced meat is ready. You can lightly fry some raisins and add it to the minced meat to feature a dash of sweetness if you like.

Saffron Preparation:

Take a few saffron in a warmth-resistant glass and upload a few hot water to it. Let it stand in the rice whilst it’s far cooking. The warmth brings out the lovely aroma of saffron. After the rice has cooked, placed this saffron in a bowl and add a number of the cooked rice to it and mix it to provide the rice a beautiful golden yellow color. Put this saffron rice over the adass polow to decorate.

Tip: This dish is also served with lightly fried dates (of the tender variety) in preference to minced meat.

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