Our increasing reliance on the internet comes as no surprise. Apart from the convenience that it offers users, the World Wide Web boasts a seemingly endless well of information that is easily accessible by the public. Anything posted online usually stays there forever. And it is because of this you must keep an eye out on how people perceive you or your brand and ensure that your image always remains in good standing. After all, even a couple of unfavorable comments and negative feedback can result in massive financial losses and missed opportunities to attract prospective customers for a brand. 

Online review monitoring tools

To minimize the risks of potentially harmful references from damaging your image, you must adopt reputation management strategies. Simply put, these techniques are meant to de-emphasize any negative sentiments about a company while highlighting positive items about it online. While this undoubtedly takes a lot of effort and time, various tools can make the task easier. This piece will discuss some online review monitoring tools that will maximize your efforts and help you reach your goals.


At its core, YouScan is essentially a type of listening tool that doesn’t just scan social media platforms for any brand mentions. But it analyzes the results for their impact too. While its ability to sift through billions of points of data is impressive, the most remarkable aspect of the tool is its feature of image recognition that gives users an extraordinary level of precision when it comes to visual searches. It also includes analytical features like charts and interactive graphs that depict every major trend happening with the selected topic, giving you more information to assess your online reputation.

Brand 24

Brand 24 is a helpful tool for monitoring reputation online, especially for multiple brands. Each project that users create tracks any social mentions for a particular entity. And with several projects, it’s possible to keep abreast of several enterprises simultaneously. However, the tool doesn’t just collect mentions from the social media platform alone. It scours the internet for all occurrences of the chosen keywords. It pulls in all available mentions in real time, whether it’s blogs, news-related websites, forums, and many other sources.

With several ways to allow users to filter the desired data and a feature to help you compare all of the results, it is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to monitor public perception over the internet. 


While BuzzSumo still allows users to comb the internet for all content within the search tags, its distinct feature is that it includes the engagement figures associated with every result. It also presents users with the links received and a comprehensive analysis report for the content, with detailed graphs showing the engagement on the selected topics. For the purposes of managing the reputation of a brand online, the tool offers the ability to create alerts so that users can track mentions in brand, competitor, content, and keywords apart from backlinks and authors.

Review Push

You can do no better than Review Push. This tool collects all reviews on the internet and puts them in a single place, making it especially useful for companies with various branches in different locations. It can also be beneficial for multi-site enterprises because it allows them to compare stores with each other and see how well they rank. Best of all, whenever a review of your brand or its offerings comes up, you’ll immediately be notified so that you can respond to the review quickly.


Another remarkable tool for the management of online reviews is Reputolgy. Through the use of this platform, businesses can keep track of, reply to, and evaluate reviews on the Web. One element that separates this tool from the rest is that it’s location-specific, meaning that it can be advantageous to companies who are looking to offer their goods and solutions to local markets. Not unlike Review Push, it also presents users with notifications through email for new reviews that you can respond to from the tool directly.

Gather Up 

Any seasoned business owner understands how valuable five-star reviews can be. The more perfect reviews a brand gets, the more reputable it becomes in the eyes of the public, after all. However, it can be more than a little challenging to encourage people to write reviews, regardless of how excellent your products and services are. After all, consumers are far more inclined to express their dissatisfaction with a brand than to complement their efforts. In this way, Gather Up can help a brand create a cycle of reviews and feedback to attract and convert consumers by requesting reviews through text or email. It is also an online review monitor tool that keeps track of reviews across several sites that include but aren’t necessarily limited to Facebook, Google, and Trip Advisor.

Monitoring the reputation of a brand online is vital to its success. And by making use of the tools laid out above, you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of your company’s image and quickly respond to negative feedback and comments before they begin to become a problem and tarnish the brand’s reputation.

Tools to Help Monitor Reputation Online